मातृवत् परदारेषु परद्रव्याणि लोष्ठवत्। आत्मवत् सर्वभूतानि यः पश्यति सः पण्डितः॥

दूसरे की पत्नी को अपनी माँ की तरह, दूसरे के धन को मिट्टी के समान, सभी को अपने जैसा जो देखता है वो ही पंडित (ज्ञानी) है।

He is a wise man who sees the wives of others as his mother, the wealth of others like clod of earth and all beings as his own self.


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  1. Dr. Anil Popli January 9, 2024 Reply

    Very good and meaningful content. All of us have to acquire proficiency in Sanskrit literature, ancient wisdom. And yes, live in the modern world of science, technology, economics and social sciences .

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